Register your ALDS App 
IOS Validation Study

After you installed the ALDS app on you computer system, you need to register the app on this web page. Once registered you will receive a license code with a value of 250 measurements.

To do so please proceed as follows:

Open the ALDS APP on your computer system. Right after installing the ALDS app, on the top right corner you can see there are zero visits available on the system.

Step 1 – Single click on the visit button and open the registration dialogue.

Step 2 – Copy the App Code to the clipboard.

Step 3 – Complete the form on the right side of this page by:

  • selecting your site from the list
  • entering the 6 character secret code for your site
  • pasting the App Code into the corresponding field 

Step 4 – Press the orange button to receive your license code.

Step 5 – Switch to the ALDS app, enter the code and press SAVE.

If the code is valid, a value of 250 measurements is activated for your system.